Let’s make your dream come true!

Let’s make your wedding in Europe perfect! We are the wedding studio MammaMia! We can help you with the organization, and take of the photo and video coverage of your celebration.

• Many specialists have awards. The studio MiraFilms, for example, took several awards at Weva, the largest association of videographers. Anton Volkovskiy was a finalist of the Wedding Award Yug.

• We have different price levels and we prefer different photo styles, so you can find exactly who you like.

• We are often work with each other, so our teamwork is cohesive and coordinated.

• Many members of our team speak English fluently, so the language is no barrier for us. A videographer Sergey Golovin even works as a interpreter.

We also do family and Love story photoshoots in Italy, France, England, Spain, Russia and other countries.




We will tell you about our work in details and give you important advice


When you sign the contract and we receive the prepayment, we will learn your wishes and love story in the brief


We write stories and the wedding scenario for you personally. We will find the specialists which are the best for you.


We are attentive to details and take care of everything you need: the plan of the day, script, printing, menu, locations and your images.


On this day you will receive support and joy from us! We will be with you from the moment of the first meeting to the moment the last guest leaves the celebration. We will also take care of the dismantling of the decorations. We will insure that everything goes according to the plan.


  • Все наши специалисты уже более 5 лет работают в свадебной сфере и знают все нюансы и тонкости
  • Многие из нас имеют общепризнанные премии и награды, например видеостудия MiraFilms взяли несколько премий на крупнейшей ассоциации видеографов Weva, Антон Волковский финалист Wedding Award Yug
  • У наших фотографов и видеографов разный уровень цен и они снимают в разных стилях, поэтому Вы сможете найти того специалиста, который будет вам подходить по душе и по бюджету
  • Команды фотографов и видеографов максимально слаженны и не будет разногласий во время съемочного процесса
  • Мы владеем английским языкам, поэтому сможем общаться с иностранными гостями 

Также мы занимаемся семейной и Love story съемкой в Италии, Франции, Англии, Испании, России и других странах.


Full day photography — 1000−1500 euros

Full day videography — 1000−2000 euros

Wedding organizer — 100−2000 euros

The price depends on the chosen specialist and the venue. Send the information about your wedding day to d@avn.me

Love stories, family and personal photoshoots: If a trip to Italy is not scheduled by our team for the date of your event (you can check our schedule here), the price is 800 euros for 6 hour photoshoot If the trip is scheduled — 150 euros for the 1st hour, 100 euros for each of the next hours


Photographer and videographer for wedding in Italy: Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence from Mamma Mia Studio

Everything was magical and exquisite that day! Even the invitations are extraordinary! Tremendous work, everything is thought out, to every detail. Now we know how real professionals work on the organization of the most important day in life. Anya, thank you and the whole team for your professionalism and sincere approach to work!

Organisator: Anna Dreamwedding

Bride: https://www.instagram.com/toritori_

Photographer and videographer for wedding in Italy: Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence from Mamma Mia Studio

Usually we don’t feel at ease in front of the camera, and shooting in another country was twice as exciting. But thanks to Ivan everything was easy, comfortable, relaxed, and positive. The photos were great. There is no photo that I would not like to show to others. Moreover, our wedding took place in Rome and Ivan’s skills complemented the beautiful places around! As for the photos, we received them very quickly. Ivan is not just a professional, but also a pleasant companion!

Photographer: Giovanni Nizineko

Bride: https://vk.com/id6943063

Photographer and videographer for wedding in Italy: Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence from Mamma Mia Studio

Thank you very much to our Anyuta — the person who organized, controlled and was with us! What would we do without her? Without it, everything just fell apart! That’s right! It is difficult to Express in words our gratitude to you, Anya! You became the fairy godmother of our wedding. Thank you very much for your great work, wonderful ideas and heartfelt participation!

Organisator: Анна Dream Wedding

Groom: vk.com/nikita_silver_music

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